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National Park Travel Map Family Memories Bucket list

National Park Travel Map Family Memories Bucket list

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Nameplate Design

These amazing and beautiful 3D national park travel maps are a wonderful way to document the national parks you and your family have been to.

Make your own one-of-a-kind unique national park travel map. We currently offer two sizes to choose from. 11”x18” and 16”x26”. Each size is made from 3 layers of 1/4” Birch wood, custom framed with select pine wood and are hand painted to your color choice preferences. They come with wall mounting hardware to hang your map.

The individual tree pieces will come in a bag for storage and keep them safe until you are ready to attach them. The best way to attach them is a small dab of glue before placing the baseball in place. Super Glue or Loctite works great and is easy to buy locally if not already on hand.

Specifications for these national park travel maps:

• 1/4 inch Birch wood travel themed background with your choice of stain or paint color.
• 1/4 inch Birch wood US National Park Map plate and Name Plate. Choose a light stain as it works best because of the burn detail on the map.
• 1/4 inch Birch wood bottom back plate (goes behind the travel themed background plate) Choose a color that will complement your background stain. Its recommended that your darkest color go here.
• Custom select pine wood frame painted or stained to match back plate color unless noted.


1. All Travel Maps have three layers of 1/4 inch birch.
2. Natural wood Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that wood is a natural product and will sometimes have knots and different grain waves on each and every product and we cannot control where the natural wood grains and knots will be in relation to your design layout. That being said no two products will be alike. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the design of your sign based on the length of the characters in your name for your name plate.


1. Choose sign size and Background
2. Choose Nameplate


1. Click on the “Add Personalization”
*Add all information for your name plate. Such as "Smith Family" “Smith Family Exploring Map” “Smith Family Adventures”
*Choose a color for all three layers.

***It is your responsibility to correctly enter all personalization information for your custom sign. Please double check all your information before submitting your purchase.
***Please keep in mind for your sign to have the best results choose a dark back plate such as black, Dark Walnut, Kona with light brown, gray or similar color sports background plate, and light color for US Map such as a natural light stain, antique white or white for example.


• Proofs are not offered or required prior to or after purchasing your custom sign. If you request a proof it is offered as a black and white digital rendering of your personalization of names/dates in the design you have purchased.

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